Rubtile ®


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More About Rubtile

What makes RUBTILE different?

RUBTILE Most of the others
Source of Granule Virgin rubber scrap (more life time) Used tires
Material ALL EPDM (resistant against UV, sunlight, all weather conditions and water) Natural rubber/SBR/ (sensitive to UV, sunlight and outdoor condition)
Safety Standards Complies with ASTM 1292 and EN1177 Sustainability Assessment --
Fall Protection Approved from 1.6m height --
Contamination No contamination (due to source of granules) High possibility (as produced from used tires)

Quality and durability of RUBTILE

  • RUBTILE retains its beauty and luster for years and years under the most grueling use.
  • RUBTILE is easy to clean, easy to install, may be laid on many surfaces like stone, asphalt, concrete,
  • RUBTILE withstands against water, moisture & humidity and Sunlight (UV) and any whether condition in UAE.
  • RUBTILE is Electrical, Sound and Heat insulator

Choose RUBTILE when performance and quality are both really matter